Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Phantom of the OPERA!

Who did not spend time browsing this book? The pictures were "different" if not educational.
The privileged owner herself! Mother must have had a college class with opera being the center of attention. When I look at the book now, it must have been a difficult class to digest. Notice the title of "Miss". We don't use that so much any more, unfortunately.

Now she is a beauty.

And here is the Great Caruso himself. How fortunate we were that our parents liked good music and passed that on to us. There is not one of us who has not thrived in one area of music or another.


Elizabeth said...

It's true - we used to spend time looking at this book - if only to be amazed at the costumes, the stories, etc. After all, we read everything that was in the house.

Ann said...

Memories just come floating back. I haven't thought about this book for years. We got our civilized nature(?) from some amazing sources. Thank you for sharing.