Thursday, May 28, 2009

In Honor of Elizabeth's Birthday!

Doesn't this photo (courtesy of DMB) epitomize our sister Elizabeth? A lot of wire and many barbs as obstacles, but she is always finding a way through it! And just you wait until she gets on the other side of the fence! No matter what, she will make "it" work.
Elizabeth does not waver on what is right and what is not. (Who else did we know like that?) How much I love and appreciate her strength and devotion to this family. She is smart. She is clever. She can cook. She is artistic.....paint, doesn't matter. And she is my sister.

Happy Birthday! May this one be a good one. Lots of love, Judy

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

That just about blows me away. If you look at me on Monday, the description might fit - but there's always Tuesday and the rest of the week coming, and I cana't keep up with that! Thank you for being so kind - it's just because I'm growing older, and have lived up to Mother's sometime description of me when I wouldn't pay attention to her - the descriptive word? Scatterbrain! Oh, well, nobody is perfect.