Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mabel Blood Harper

Mabel is the sister of our grandfather, Roscoe Blood. This picture of her displays much of her strong character. She is the grandmother of our special cousin, Betty Sullivan. Betty has contributed an amazing work of family history for the blessing of the family.

Her calling card. Society requested this to be left at the home when making a visit. Some, like this one, are very beautiful.

Mabel at the front door of her neat and tidy home. Notice her flowers around the yard and the suspicion of a clothes line in the back. Anyone know the years of these pictures?

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Elizabeth said...

Never saw these pictures before. We think of Roscoe as being forever young - I need to see a picture of Mable in her younger days, too. Thanks, Judy. (Please keep the blog going while I'm gone to Wyoming - be back next Tuesday or so.)