Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Tribute to Our Mother

I have been scanning "The Letters" and in the process reading them all, some for the first time. The most difficult to read with a stiff upper lip, are the ones from the year 1935. I believe this photo would be from that time period, or close to it. I have renewed my admiration for mother's courage and fortitude. Her loneliness for Dad while he was away trying to earn a dollar, was almost more than she could bear, especially in the cold of winter. But she did whatever the circumstance demanded.

And now we have a legacy that says we can't whine when it gets hard. She's such a tough act to follow......but I know that she wants us to keep trying. To you, Mother, on this Mother's Day!

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Elizabeth said...

I had to give a talk on Mother's Day a long time ago about Mother - It was surprising what I remember about her pithy, no-nonsense advice. Wish I had taken it more to heart. What wonderful memories we all have about our various relationships with her. Thanks for posting the picture. (Although this must be 1934 - Dwight looks little enough for that year.)