Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grandpa Wasden's Funeral

James Brooks Wasden Family Picture ----- 1966
Grandpa died on February 25, 1966. This is the gathering of family members at our house following the funeral. Obviously, Dwight took the picture, as once again he is not included in it.
Left to Right:
James Orvil Wasden, Stanley House, Ruth House, (head), Alvin Johnson, Minnie Blood, George Johnson, Alva Johnson Lowe, Delilah Asay Robb, Russell Blood (behind), ? Robb (Delilah's daughter), Velna Blood or maybe not, (behind) Elizabeth Blood, (front) Mona Monk Johnson, Elna House, Louise Blood, Bob Petersen, Judy Petersen, (in front) Mark Sorensen w/?, Brig Consoliver, Robert Consoliver, Charlette Sorensen, Lucinda Sorensen, Vern House, Gail Sorensen, David Wasden, Dean House, Norman Sorensen, Newell Sorensen, Josephine Sorensen.
Five of the seven Wasden children: Elna House, Sofe Johnson, Minnie Blood, Lucinda Sorensen, and David Wasden. Brooks was unable to come and Orvil died in 1943. Three spouses are included: Alvin Johnson, Russell Blood and Norman Sorensen.
Once again, how appreciative we are for each of these photos. Dwight has my permission to buy all of the cameras he wants.


Ann said...

The amazing thing for me is this was in February - and no coats! This is a neat photo record of a day that I have sometimes wished I could have been there. Again, a picture makes it possible to share a little piece of the day. Funny thing, as I look at the pictures, that is how I remember Mother and Dad.

Judy said...

I know exactly what you mean about the state of being of our parents in your memory.

Judy said...

Is Uncle Dave telling Cindy what to do?