Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Dwight!

This is by far, not the best picture, but I wouldn't part with it for anything. Nothing else records my little child admiration for my big brother as this does. That admiration has never changed, but has only grown through the years. At the exit of our parents, and even before, you have led your siblings "where the angels fear to tread." Your writings are treasured and will be for generations to come.
These are a few of my favorite things.......When I think of Dwight and his belongings, they are very specific and very few: marbles, Lincoln Logs, comic books, borrowed library books, pigs, knot boards, Boy Scout book, FFA jacket, model airplanes and glue, Later, there was the typewriter and the old Ford.

And then there were the possessions that you could hear: his collection of cowboy music on 45s, his own singing voice and the wonderful yodel! Can you still do that, Dwight?

Today is your day. And this is a poesy for your birthday along with wishes that health and happiness will go on forever!


Ann said...

I love the picture of Judy between Dwight and Louise. It looks like they were assigned to keep her cornered long enough for a picture. Is that picture taken in Ralston?

Elizabeth said...

Too bad we don't have a picture of Dwight's stamp collection - or the balsa wood-tissue paper airplane models that he used to toil over. Remember his matchbook covers? And the Saturday ritual of "cleaning my room"?
And, yes, Ann, that picture was taken in Ralston just to the south of the tar-papered bedroom that Dad built onto our little house-in-the-hill as a bedroom for the four older siblings.