Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Paul and Ann

Look at that cat supervising with great attentive interest! I love this picture of Ann and Paul in process of the monthly hair cut. It is through pictures like this that we see life as it really is. The unposed picture has Paul with a smile on his face and Ann happy at her work. Kemp did a good job in his sneakiness to take this.


Elizabeth said...

Perfect picture! It is amazing that Ann has the skill to do this. And look how cooperative Paul is! Brings back memories of trying to cut little boys' (and big boys' hair). Mine was never so successful.

Ann said...

This picture is hilarious! Look at all the gray hair. But, like Paul says, at least he still has hair. Kemp is very sneaky. I didn't even know he took this picture. I'm not sure my hair cutting amounts to skill. Paul just doesn't want to go to a "beauty" shop to get his hair cut.