Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a Happy Birthday for Dwight!

It's the day! Dwight's birthday always came in such a busy time of year. School had just begun, the canning was almost over, harvest was continuing, and it was time to bake a birthday cake! The above pictures are just a few of the memories shared during our younger years. Obviously, it was always my desire to want to do everything my big brother did. I emulated him in every way I could possibly think of, even to learning to spit quite a distance the summer before I was to enter the first grade. Mother informed me that it wasn't ladylike, and that I couldn't go to school if I didn't quit. I do not remember her giving Dwight any such edict.
This group of pictures represents just a few of the later memories. Sometimes, you treated your younger siblings with a little disdain for our ignorance (huge), but usually, you teased, laughed with us, told about experiences that fascinated us. (I know that Pierre did not go to France.) You gave me your Baby Brownie camera when you moved up a step, so I could continue your tradition of family picture taking.
Your FFA trips were great fodder for the supper table, and we younger siblings grew up thinking that we could accomlish anything, because you certainly had done your full measure. Your loyalty through the years, even when I did things that you did not approve of, was tremendous. It seemed like you were always there lending a helping hand, giving encouragement, and moral support. You used your influence to find jobs for me and a way to realize my dream of going to college in the first place - your "can do" attitude was inspiring to me. My second stint in Laramie was lightened by the fact that you and your family were living there - I might not have made it on my own.
It is neat that we can still share so much in our lives - thanks for all the good memories! Our love to you this day.
P.S. I wanted to do the collages, so you will all need to click on them to enlarge them so you can see the whole thing.


Judy said...

Loving each other sure brings tender feelings doesn't it? What a nice tribute to our brother.

I think you should just keep going and put the rest of the pictures into collages.....

Ann said...