Friday, September 26, 2008

More Blood family album

Sorry Judy, but this one is too priceless not to share with the world.


Elizabeth said...

There must be a song about sisters? The thing that comes through in all of these pictures is the close bond that we six have been so fortunate to share through the years. Not always perfect, but lots of fun.

Judy said...

The top photo is June 1960. Bob & I were moving from Provo to Washington via Penrose. Where do you put the spare tire when packing the car? Right on top of the ironing board and between the skiis. If it doesn't fit inside the car, just put on top. I knew it would be a long time before I would see Ann again....two and a half years. That was sad.

2nd pic of Louise and Ann is unusual. Nice to have those two together.

What is the story of the sheepskin coat? I only know that it kept out the cold Wyoming wind and I wore it without hesitation. Beauty or fit were not a consideration. At least there is a smile on my funny little face. That tells me that life was good.

Ann said...

One of the memories for me about your car that was packed to overflowing was the broom that was tied on the very top. Dad was quite amazed at how much stuff you had packed in that little car. So that was the summer before my Senior year, which means the picture of Elizabeth, Judy and me in front of the Corvair was taken in the summer of 1960, not 1961. Why was I home? I worked up North Fork during the summers those years, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Wish I had been diligent like Louise and kept a journal. Oh, well, this way I can make history be anything I want.