Monday, September 29, 2008

The Great Ronco Rotisserie Swindle

Judy called this afternoon and was speaking in tongues.  I had no idea what on earth she was talking about.  I finally extracted out of her that she was attributing the Ronco Rotisserie to me that Kemp had just delivered to her.  She was concerned, because now she claimed she had two Ronco Rotisseries, a matter about which she has dissembled for many years.  I wish to absolve myself of sending my Ronco Rotisserie to her and, to prove said allegation, provide photographic evidence that my wonderful machine rests comfortably on the top shelf of my store room.  There is some hanky-panky afoot here of which I have had no part.  Judy and Kemp have collaborated on devious information in re: Ronco Rotisseries for years.  Let this matter now be put to rest.  However, Judy, if you need another Ronco Rotisserie, let me know.  You could incinerate six chickens or three turkeys at a time.  Life would be good.  Dissembling never gets you anywhere.


Judy said...

This proves aboslutely nothing. How long have you had this old photo around? Anyone can dig up an old photo. If I were you, I would check with your other sisters to see what they have to say regarding this most serious matter.

Ann said...

What a mystery! So I guess the question is, Judy, when are you going to try out your "windfall"?

Elizabeth said...

The thing I find difficult to believe is the sticker tag on the front window of the Ronco Rotisserie. If you've really used this one, Dwight, why does it have the sticker on it that says to remove it before you use the thing? Aha, you took a picture of a new, unused Ronco Rotisserie just to muddy the waters. There really are more mysteries in this family than we ever dreamed of!