Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy birthday,, Dwight!

Happy birthday a day late. I tried to put this on yesterday but I couldn't get my scanner to work, so I had to get some help from my personal tech. I love this picture of us. It was taken in front of my house on Green Street in the summer of 1965. I just want to say "amen" to all the other accolades and to say how much you have meant to me then and still do, and even though my eyes are closed in the picture, I hope it conveys that feeling. I'm blessed to have you for a brother and that we were so close in years that we were able to share the high school years together. I was always so proud to know you were my brother. Love you.

I had to include this picture, too.
Isn't this a great picture of our young families all lined up? It kind of takes you back a year or two, doesn't it?


Judy said...

You and Dwight look so young, but wasn't 1965 just a couple of years ago? What a good birthday party this has been.

Ann said...

I do remember this day. Paul and I were there with Jim and John. We were all so very young!

Elizabeth said...

Age is relative, right? Someday will we look at the pictures we take today and comment about "how young" we were? These are great memory pictures.