Friday, September 19, 2008

Steve's Light Fixtures at the Hilton in Jackson

These light fixtures are more striking than I realized. Just wanted you to know, Steve and Mary Lynn, that "we were there". Did you do the big chandelier in the foyer, also?
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Ann said...

Definitely more ooohs and aaaaws. It is so fun to see the amazing talents of my siblings. I keep thinking about Grandma Moses and wondering if my time is yet to come - or not!

Judy said...

This is one more example of the mark left by Steve and Mary Lynn in the world of rustic design. The lights are beautiful. Good job, Elizabeth.
I do believe that yesterday was Mary Lynn's birthday. We hope it was a happy day and want to wish her blessings for the coming year! We love you, Mary Lynn!

Steve Blood said...

Thanks guys, I have to admit that the chandelier in the lobby was mine too.