Saturday, September 20, 2008

World War I Food Shortage

This is another of the food conservation campaign posters used while Dad was an already hungry kid in the city. Remember how he always said that oats is for the horse? And isn't it interesting that he spent his farming years growing food: lots of oats and wheat. Did he ever grow rye? Is that fish a sucker from the Shoshone River? How do we cooperate with the items under the "Eat Less" list?


Elizabeth said...

Where on earth did you get this? What a memory of a scary time.

Ann said...

This is really a keepsake from a long time ago. And a reminder that things can quickly change and not be as good as we have it today, in spite of all the chaos.

Elizabeth said...

And, the diet is one that is pretty highly recommended. Remember, though, that we were never short of sugar or meat because we lived on a farm, and were entitled to more food stamps than city folk.