Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Mystery Picture

Someone much wiser than I allegedly said something like "confession is good for the soul". Therefore this is an effort to see if that works. This is a picture that I have checked with Judy to see if she had it, and when she said she didn't have it, I checked with Elizabeth, and when she said she didn't have it, I hinted at the fact that Judy probably has it, but can't find it. Then I hinted to Judy that Elizabeth probably has it but can't find it. As you can see, my system worked just fine, because it was with my pictures all the while - how could they have had it when I had it. Huh, you are probably saying. Never mind, I know exactly what I meant!!!
Now, on to the picture. This is a wonderful picture, with no identification. I think I will take it to Dwight and see what his MAC can do with it. Who should we pretend is in the picture? Machs? Krajiceks? Or --------


Elizabeth said...

When this picture is enlarged, the houses in the background become very interesting! We all love mysteries. Wish we could solve some of these old unidentified pictures.

Judy said...

Let it be said this was taken in "the old country". So now I know the truth about Elizabeth and me getting the same story, just change the names a little. Ann, you make me laugh!

Dwight said...

You lost me