Thursday, May 8, 2008

Newlyweds Preparing to go to Denver, 1930

The question was asked about Mother in the flapper outfit, posing with her car, whether this was the same car. I think so, but you can draw your own conclusions. This is the little car that went up to Sunlight when Mother worked at the dude ranch in the summer time when she met Dad. The top picture is fuzzy, so it's one of those that was almost discarded at one time, but it does tell a story. Grandpa wouldn't go to the wedding, but he helped Dad load the car. The bottom picture, with Cindy, Dad, Mother and Grandma Wasden sitting on the running board, and Grandpa standing by. I think he wore that Scotch cap forever! The adventure began! It was so cold (December). They made it to Shoshoni the first day. Remember, the road through Wind River Canyon was not there, and they had to go over the mountain to get to Shoshoni.


Ann said...

And off they went on a lifelong adventure. Mom and Dad were true pioneers, in their own right. I am thankful for their commitment to each other, in good times and hard times - and good times.

Judy said...

I never recognized before the look on Grandma's face as she sensing what lays ahead for her newly married daughter. That our mother was loved by her parents, there is no doubt.