Tuesday, May 27, 2008

James B. and Tilda C. Wasden in Pioneer Parade

The newspaper clipping that was with this picture reads as follows: "Senators Joseph C. O'Mahoney and Lester C. Hunt extend congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. James Brooks Wasden who have lived 45 years on land they homesteaded at Penrose on the Shoshone Project in Wyoming. It was to do honor to sturdy pioneers like Mr. and Mrs. Wasden that the two Wyoming Senators cancelled important engagements to attend the Powell Day celebration." There is another photo where one of the senators is shaking hands with Grandpa. Remember this parade? They were the hit of the celebration.

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Ann said...

I remember how excited Grandma and Grandpa were to be in the parade. We went and watched from the Post Office steps (I think). I was so pleased that my very own Grandparents were in the parade. They looked very authentic.