Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh, My Stars!

This picture came into my possession from Aunt Cindy's album. It is so interesting - Mother was always prone to either ink blot herself out of pictures, or, in this case, cut herself out. You can see her hand on Dwight's shoulder, and the extra pair of legs behind us. Did Louise have a toothache? And I am wearing the ubiquitous navy blue polka-dotted dress.


Judy said...

Was this on a Sunday? The short one in the middle has that amazing white hair. I love seeing the three of you, however wouldn't you love to see the removed expression on Mother's face? It must have been good!

Ann said...

What a little troupe the three of you made. Is this the beginning of your pigtail era, Elizabeth? Mother was so good at attempting to stay in the background. Remember her with her tape recorder? She would turn it on, then never say a thing while others in the room just talked away.

Elizabeth said...

I'm surprised no one has commented on my stance - are my legs bowed or knock-kneed? Or just giraffe-like? Never turn down the offer of old pictures from someone else in the family. There were several gems in this book.