Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beaded Purse

This little purse was my most prized possession when I was a little girl. I remember playing with it a lot. I was heartbroken when the one strand of beads came off; I don't remember if Mother had me put it away at that time. I was told that Aunt Rose had sent it, but I don't recall that I ever knew that it had been Grandmother Louise's. So the letter from Aunt Rose telling about that brought tears to the surface when Ann read it to me. It is another remarkable connectiobn to a sweet grandmother.


Ann said...

What a treasure to have. I do wonder if Grandmother Louise's mother Veronika made this for her, or did it come from the old country, or ----- so many questions, so few answers. Thank you for posting this. I suspect my feelings are much the same as everyone else's. We can't all have the treasures in our possession, but by sharing them on the blog, it allows each of us to put them into our history for our children, etc.

Judy said...

One can only imagine how the sparkly beads put stars in Louise's eyes when she was allowed to play with this purse. I do not remember ever seeing this before so this is like finding something new in Mother's cedar chest. Good job, Louise. Keep it coming!

Elizabeth said...

I remember this pretty little purse very well. It is so good to know all of the history. The blog is allowing us to share these bits and pieces of our lives.