Monday, May 12, 2008

A Mother's Letter

I am positive that as Louise Blood wrote this letter to her sister-in-law, Eva Blood, she hadn't the faintest thought that one day Eva would be the adoptive parent for her little toddler, Russell. As she writes of her little son, it has the familiar ring of a mother describing the antics of her child. And we are there with her.


Ann said...

What a treasure of a letter. Thank you for sharing it. Keep digging! And welcome back. I'm glad you can post again - it is so much fun to open the blog and see what treasure you have found today.

Elizabeth said...

I remember reading this letter a long time ago. So glad that it is still in existance - what a link to our Grandmother Blood. I love it that she chides Eva for waiting so long to respond to a letter. Grandma Wasden's technique when I was a freshman-sophomore in college at UW was to mark on the calendar when she sent a letter, and when she received mine. She would then wait that long to write to me. Must be a grandma thing that all grandmas instinctively know. The smiling boy in the early pictures already had a strong mind of his own.

Louise Blood said...

What a gem. And to get a little peek back so many years at our father as a baby in the words of a loving mother. What an insisght. (I like the way Louise wrote her L's)