Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mystery Picture

We (I) don't know who this is. Could it be Grandmother and Grandfather (great/great???) Hawkins, could it be from the Scripture family? Could it be Grandmother and Grandfather (great) Blood. The picture was in an envelope from Aunt Eva with a somewhat confusing note that "This is a picture of your (Dad/Russell) grandmother Blood and Grandfather Blood. There is a note from Mother (Minnie) that says could it be Grand father and Grandmother Hawkins? The picture was taken in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Please help if anyone knows who this might be.


Dwight said...


Judy said...

Look at her "hooded" eyes and then look at his eyes. It is almost as if her eyes were drawn in, something I believe was a common practice by photographers. So I wouldn't try to pin those eyes on her identification.

Elizabeth said...

His eyes look real - hers not so much. Wish we could date this picture - that would help.