Monday, May 19, 2008

On a Summer's Day (or Two)

Candid shots were my aim. I went around all summer long trying to catch my younger sisters and brother in a variety of shots that would tell a story. And they do, to a certain extent. (I didn't have a flash, so faces are dark, but you can tell who everyone is.) This must be the summer after Ann was so ill, because she is so skinny! That pile of lumber sat in front of the shop for a long time. What was it ever used for? And the picture of Judy tieing Steve's shoes on the road to the east of the shop - look how unfinished the lean-to that Dad had built onto the shop was. I remember that it was too cold to do anything in it in the winter time. There was a box of Dad's old books stored in the lean-to - Horatio Alger, and some others that ended up in the house. I used to go read on a summer's day, often keeping company with a mouse or two.
Back to Judy and Steve. She was ever the "big" sister to Ann and Steve. They were the rapscalions. Right? Since there was five years' difference between Judy and me, she was techically the first child of the second family - giving her leadership attributes, etc., etc., etc.


Ann said...

Rapscalions? Steve, where are you to help defend our character. We were merely creative with how we spent our time. I think the lumber I am walking on was part of the stack that developed out by the wood pile chopping block. It was always amazing when Dad would decide he needed to build something so he would go rummage through his lumber cache and usually find what he needed for the project.
You are correct about Judy - she tried really hard to look after Steve and me. The shoe tying picture speaks volumes. I suspect we didn't make it easy for her, and yet the three of us had some fun adventures.

Judy said...

Ann, Steve and I lived in a different world. Sometimes we went back in the house and became part of what was real. During the summer that Wasdens lived with Grandma & Grandpa, on one day of pretend play, Aunt Lorraine caught me with a rolled up piece of white paper smoking away. I got a good and long lecture from her. Mother didn't seem too upset however.
Steve, how could anyone who stooped to tie your shoes ever hide the cultivator from you?

Ann said...

Aha, now the cultivator is another story.