Friday, May 16, 2008

The Three Musketeers

I was busy taking pictures with the Baby Brownie that Dwight had given me when he moved up in the camera world. (He's been doing that ever since - moving up in the camera world.) This could be titled "Say no Evil, Hear no Evil, and See no Evil." (Steve, Ann, & Judy). Steve does have his moouth closed, Ann has one ear covered, and Judy just was hiding her face. Reason? As I recall, it was a hot summer's day, and I was trying to get candid shots - or poses.


Judy said...

I see the Penerose Woodcraft sign against the fence behind us. That wonderful tree by the shop offered the only cool shade near the house. The three of were probably up to "no good". But during the summer we three, were the best of friends and our book could have been entitled: The Adventures Of....."

Ann said...

So many memories come floating back with this picture. Remember how we would "construct" our car under the old tree. We would use the old (there's that word again) press for the steering wheel, and we would take pieces of lumber that were stacked by the fence to make the outline. I wonder who got to drive? KoolAid was again part of the necessities. We only did "good" things, remember?

Judy said...

Ann, I am sure that I must have LET you and Steve drive.