Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Stylish Dress

With the talk about Mother's style - the cute car and the "flapper style" clothes, I remembered this treasure from my cedar chest. Needless to say, the fabric is disintegrating, but the style is still there. What a pretty dress it must have been - and by the stitching it appears to have been store bought. I wonder if that was a rarity for Mother as she grew up, or if they were able to buy most of their dresses. (The dress is in dire need of ironing, but I am not sure the fabric would survive in the heat. Any ideas about how to preserve what is left?)
I don't remember this whole story, but it goes something like this. One time Judy and I were among several girls at school who were asked to model (?) dresses or older style clothing that our mother may have kept. I felt very demure (!) about the whole idea - but Judy was very brave and because she said she would do it, I had to go along. I think this is the dress I wore (impossible, you say - but I was very thin back then) but I am not certain which dress Judy wore. The fabric literally disintegrated while I was wearing the dress, so we held it together with pins - and I did not wear it for very long.


Elizabeth said...

This is one of the treasures from the cedar chest. We used to hang over the whole proceeding when Mother went through everything that was stored in it. What a wonderful dress! Thanks for showing it.

Judy said...

I didn't know this dress was still in exsistance! This is the dress that Mother is wearing in the photo taken at the U of Wyo that Dwight posted earlier. And this is the dress that she wore when she married our father in front of the Bishop in Lovell just before Christmas. The color and style are lovely and we can be sure that she looked beautiful. I am so happy that you have kept the dress, Ann.

Piper said...

I like this simple and stylish dress for ladies!!