Friday, May 23, 2008

More about the Penrose Bridge

This article appeared in the Powell Tribune in 1993, two years before Uncle David Wasden died. (1995) He has one date wrong - the bridge was replaced in 1968, because that was the summer that I and my brood of 5 were living in Penrose, and it was pretty inconvenient while they were doing the replacement of the bridge. This was very interesting. Hope you can read it. By the way, the picture that was published with this article was Dwight's familiar picture of the river bridge that is already published somewhere in this blog.
By the way, be sure to double click on this page to enlarge the article so that you can read it.

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Judy said...

Uncle Dave turned out to be quite a historian, didn't he? And it seems he was quite sharp even in his aged years. Anything about OUR bridge is important.