Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To Elizabeth on her Birthday

Happy Birthday, sister dear. Posies are posted. Favorite pictures are posted. Hmmm, the only things I can think to add is the following list:
Things I have learned or wished I could learn from my sister Elizabeth:
1. In my early years of riding the horrible, very big school bus, I learned I wasn't too little to sit with Elizabeth and Audrey Baxter - Elizabeth helped me feel very grown up and safe.
2. When she came home from her first year at U of Wyo, she taught Judy and me an amazing version of "Jerusalem", the importance of a Jantzen swim suit, as well as other necessities for surviving in the big, wide world.
3. When I went to stay with her in Riverton one summer, she taught me about the incredible dessert of chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top and that we could have Kool-aid more than when we had been working outside in the heat.
4. She still teaches me the importance of laughing, even when some things in life are a little tricky.
5. I wish I could learn how to do several different projects at once, as she can.

And the list goes on. What fun it is to have sisters ( and brothers), and how thankful I am for Elizabeth. Happy Birthday, sister dear.

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Elizabeth said...

Sisters are definitely a wonderful gift from God. Thank you, dear sister. It will be a good day! And laughter? We both see the ridiculous in life and enjoy it to the hilt.