Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another haircut

Another day and another time for the Saturday haircut. Look how willing Steve is! Love the background pictures. The tradition goes on.


Ann said...

What a great picture. See the twinkle in Steve's eye. It was there even way back then. The three inlays on the wall are Penrose friends.
I must admit when I started cutting Paul's hair, my incentive was that Mother did it, Judy did it, so of course, I could do it.

Louise Blood said...

Priceless picture. Also the one of Ann and Paul. I never did learn to do hair cuts, even for my girls, just ask them.

Judy said...

Hi Louise!
Steve looks like such an angel and appears to be cooperative. Actually, he looks like Mother just told him something funny. Wish I knew what she was putting in his ear. I guess there are no unimportant every day moments.