Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mariane Danielsen

Mariane is the maternal grandmother of our grandfather, James Brooks Wasden. She is the mother of Anna Sophia Olsen. Mariane was born in 1817 in Denmark and died in 1875 in Richfield, Utah, far from the land of her birth. She was 58 years old and had given birth to eight children.


Elizabeth said...

The quality of this picture was always questionable. Our great-great-grandmother always looked stern, but we are fortunate to have this picture. Do you suppose her hat was crocheted? I always wondered. Different times - different styles. I also put this picture in the time frame as Sofia's 16-year-old picture. Wonder if I'm right?

Ann said...

Judy, thank you for getting out this picture. I forgot I had questions about these little pictures so you got me going again. And, as I note in my post, Mother's penciled comment on the back of this picture was questioning who this is, so she must have discovered the correct identity.