Monday, September 22, 2008

More pictures of ancestors

I am sorry to put these all in one post. I should have done one a day, but now I don't have to remember to do it tomorrow.
This picture has no identification on it. Can you help? I think I would have liked to know him!

Ane Sophie Olsen - another picture where the quality is not great, however by working on it just a little I was able to remove some of the "pebbled" effect.
Is this Great Grandmother Christenson?
James Brooks Wasden 1949
Tilda Christena Christenson Wasden 1949
And then a couple of very familiar faces, just in case any of their posterity do not have these pictures, this gives them that record.


Judy said...

The top picture is John Christensen, our G-Grandfather. I always liked his smile and thought him to be very handsome. Grandma Tilda spoke often of his kind ways.

And I love the famous pictures of James and Tilda. Good job in getting them on here.

Elizabeth said...

And, yes, the other picture is Christena Akesson Christenson in her older days. I still appreciate the fact that Elna did write some about her.