Thursday, March 20, 2008

And Another Purchase for Grandpa Wasden

This is a copy of a contract Grandpa signed the day after the first contract that is posted on the blog. This is written on a heavier paper, but had been folded in the middle for so long that I decided to just scan it flat, so read the right side and then the left side. Just in case it is difficult to read, the text is as follows:
Burlington Wyo. Jan 16th 1905
This agreament made this day 26th of Jan. Between J E Reid of Burlington Wyo Party of the first Part And Jas B Wasden of Byron Wyo Party of the second part. The Said Party of the first Part Here agrees and covenants to the Party of the second Part 80 acors of land Known as the J E Reid claim Joining the South East corner of Elk town sight Also one City lot in the Elk town, And also all water stock credit I may have in the Elk Canall Co. And the said party of the second Part covenants and agrees to pay to the Party of the First Part $72.50 Seventy too dollars and fifty cets And the Party of the second Part pays in hand in part payment One saddle. One Riding briddle and one saddle blanket for $35.00 Thirty five dollars And the ballance to $37.50 Thirty seven dollars and fifty cets to be paid on or before Oct 1st 1905.
J. E. Reid
Jas B Wasden

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