Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Wasden Home Today

The James B. Wasden home and farm were purchased by Burchell Hopkin after our grandparents moved to Lovell to be nearer medical facilities and care facilities.  Ivan and Julia Lynn, parents of Burchell's wife Ruby, lived there for a number of years, and the home is now lived in by renters.  


Judy said...

Hey, where did the pansies, snapdragons, and lilacs go? But it is green and neat and that means a lot.

Elizabeth said...

I think that Ivan and Julia purchased the house and farm; Ivan farmed it for some years until he retired it, and the farm was bought by Burchell. (?, Ann, Judy, Steve, who were around at the time?) I remember Ruby and Julia sponge painting the old brown linoleum tiles that were on the floor of the kitchen-dining room; also, Ivan took out a lot of the orchard because he couldn't maintain it. Remember Grandpa coming in the house with a transparent apple and his pocket knife. It was a major triumph if the apple had a "water core" - a transparent core. They were the earliest apples to ripen, and were sweet and delicious.

Ann said...

Yes, Ivan and Julia did buy Grandma and Grandpa's place. That just never felt quite right. I do remember they turned the room that was just to the east of the kitchen into a bedroom for Jerry. I always wondered if they appreciated the indoor plumbing the way we did when we would go visiting.