Sunday, March 23, 2008

Moses and Sarah Blood, Parents of Roscoe, Who Was Father of Russell, Our Dad

Continuing with the Roscoe Blood story - these pages tell about his father and mother, Moses and Sarah Batty Hawkins Blood. Times were very hard for Sarah after the untimely death of Moses.

Moses, the grandson of the first Moses, pioneer from Vermont, was born in Flora Township south of Belvidere, Ill. He grew up on the family farm about three miles south and one west of Charles City, Iowa schools, and went into town to an old stone school building for his schooling.
Moses and Sarah lived on the east side of the river, about five miles from town. A bad accident in the woods was followed by a long illness. When he died, the farm was foreclosed for back taxes. There is no marker on the grave site; it is thought that he is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Charles City, Iowa.


Judy said...

Thank you for including papers such as this.

Ann said...

Genealogy - we are doing it - our genealogy!! I love to find Mother's notes on these little gems.