Monday, March 17, 2008

Mother's picture #1

How could I forget to post the picture!  You must double click on this one.


Dwight said...

And Dad kept this frame fashioned from a pine pole on their dresser as long as Mother was alive. It is one of the indelible and unforgettable icons of our years at home. It is nice to have it here where we can all see and remember it still.

Judy said...

From this worn picture of Mother, we get an idea of the private affection our parents had for each other. There are other less used copies of this portrait, which captures her beauty as non other, but this is the one that grabs your heart.

Ann said...

When I think back on our growing up years, treasures were very simple and very few - and very precious. I think we all knew this was one of the very precious treasures. Thank you for the tangible reminder.