Monday, March 31, 2008

Great-aunt Minnie Taylor

This picture of our Great-aunt (Brigham)Minnie Taylor of Gunnison, Utah was taken in 1913 - this was her first car. She served as a midwife for many years in the Gunnison area.


Judy said...

Who can identify that car? Bob says that he cannot.

Ann said...

What an independent looking woman. Great picture.

Dwight said...

Great Aunt Minnie was Grandma Wasden's sister and Mother's (Minnie Wasden Blood)
namesake. I still run into people from the Gunnison area who remember Aunt Minnie as the midwife who delivered various family members throughout the area. Aunt Minnie was truly an angel. She was tragically killed one night walking home from Church, as I remember. A long life of good works, snuffed out in a moment's carelessness by someone.