Monday, March 17, 2008

Penrose LDS Sunday School Congregation

The Penrose Sunday School Congregation.  Mother (Minnie Wasden) is the second girl from the right in the second row.  Correct me if I am wrong.  Does anyone know the date?  Absolutely double click this photo!  I remember sitting outside in the clover with the bees buzzing on the little blue chairs in the summer.  Classes inside were held by grouping chairs together in different areas.  The oak chairs on the stand were ultimately decorated with the urine stains of children parked their during all-night country dances.  The Church building also served as a voting station.  A photo of Eliza R. Snow hung on the front wall over the elevated platform that served as the stand, along with one of Joseph Smith.  I grew up not knowing who the woman was, but thought she was one of the sternest looking women I ever saw.  Then I later learned she was one of the great poets and writers in LDS Church history.  But who would hang a picture of a woman in the front of a Mormon chapel today?  I dare you.


Elizabeth said...

"parked there", not their. Oh, well. You could be right about Mother. I think it is Grandma Wasden in the very back row, peering around the lady in front of her. Where is Grandpa? Sofe, David, Brooks? Play I Spy. This is a great picture. It is so much fun to see these treasures that we wouldn't even know are in existance.

Judy said...

I am sure that Elizabeth is correct about Grandma Wasden, left end of the back row!