Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The tea set

This tea set came to me for Christmas either when I was 4 (1939) or 5 (1940). We played with it constantly, having tea parties with our make-believe family that Louise and Dwight invented - The Goo family, with Funny Goo as the mother, Big Goo as the father, and Little Goo as the child. The Goo family had a hired man, Squeaky Man, and there were varioius other characters coming in and out of the scene. We took the Goo family to all sorts of places, and invented all kinds of situations. This is all that is left of the tea set - Judy and Ann inherited it when I got older, and most pieces were broken. Only the creamer and the sugar bowl lid remain intact - Mother mended the teapot for me, and included these three items in a little box of memorabilia that she kept for me.

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Dwight said...

Gag. amazing how many years we kept that nonsense going, or how we argued over who got to be which goo. But then this was the pre TV, pre video game, pre pre-school, pre baby Einstein, pre text messaging, pre disposable diaper, pre electricity (until 1939), pre USDA food pyramid, era, and amazingly, this silly game worked along with all of our other inventions. Our activities were limited only by our imaginations. I wonder if kids today have time to use their imaginations in this pre-programmed, computerized schedule of dance lessons, sports games and practices, gymnastics, music lessons, countless birthday parties, Disneyland visits, etc., none of which were available to us. Pig Face was really the best role to play. And we all seemed to grow up without harm, not knowing that we missed anything, and having great fun at what we did.