Thursday, March 20, 2008

Using Blogs for Family History

Just as we have been learning about family blogs and discovering new things each day about the possibilities for preserving family history, along comes Emily Jensen and her article "Memory blogs: Scrapbooks moving into the digital age" in today's Deseret news (March 19 2008).  This article provides basic guidance in starting and continuing blogs and links to digital scrapbooking sources such as Digital Scrapbooking and Digital Memory Art which provide LDS themed templates and other resources.

Perhaps of greatest importance to where we are now in our own family blog is the discussion of preservation of the blogs through printing hard copies of our posts with archival inks on acid-free paper.  The risk we run is that we can lose it all in a flash with a computer glitch and then we would have to start over again.  I think there are ways to back up the blog content, but even that method is transitory.  As Emily Jensen stresses, technology will make all current procedures outmoded in just a few years and we want to preserve what we are doing for generations.  Some of you will also be interested in Emily's references to other LDS blogs.  If you have several weeks to check it out, you will be astonished by the range of blogs posted on LDS Blogs, which includes information on family blogs and genealogy of interest to anyone interested in family and personal history. Read the article here.

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Elizabeth said...

Would really like to know how to print these entries off to put in a "scrapbook". I tried one entry, but the size was not very compatible.????