Monday, March 24, 2008

Frank and Veronika (Mach) Krajicek

The first picture is the only picture we have of our great-grandfather, Frank Krajicek. The picture was extracted from a very faded family group picture.
The second picture is of Veronika Mach (Krajicek). After establishing a family of 9 children, of whom our Grandmother Louise was the second oldest, and attempting to establish a homestead, soddy and all, in western Nebraska, Frank left Veronika, and went back to Omaha to be a tailor, which was his occupation listed in the 1880 Cleveland, Ohio Federal Census. He is listed in the Kearney, Nebraska, 1900 business directory as a tailor. Kearny is quite a distance from either Mitchell or Alliance, Nebraska. Veronika divorced Frank, and was supported by her grown children, especially Henry. They are both listed as being from Bohemia. Our great-aunt Rose Krajicek Allgeier wrote that Frank and Veronika were beautiful dancers.

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Judy said...

Would you extend the family history back to the Czech roots? I see that there was a "hit" from Prague.....Maybe..Somebody out there knows something.