Friday, March 21, 2008

The Best Cup for dyeing Easter eggs

Just for fun, this is one of the "Penrose" cups we used forever. We drank our hot milk or ovaltine from them on cold winter nights or on nights when sleep just didn't come easily, and they were the best for holding the Easter egg dye. I must admit I no longer drink hot milk from this cup, it holds a few precious marbles that once belonged to Dad (so I was told). Now, if those marbles belong to someone other than Dad - oh well!


Elizabeth said...

No question about it - these cups were magic. Remember Hemo? To put in the hot milk to make it more palatable when we couldn't sleep at night? Our cups today seem a little anemic by the side of this one.

Judy said...

This cup brings back a flood of memories....Unlike the spoon with Vicks in it that was heated by the light of a wooden match so you could sniff the vapors, the cup held a more soothing remedy for the problem at hand.