Saturday, March 22, 2008

letter from home

This was before my time and no doubt means more to the older siblings. It was given to me in my early years as a stamp collector.


Judy said...

What a wise choice you made years ago, to leave the stamps intact on the envelope. Never under estimate the value of some scrap of paper......Thank you Steve! We are so excited to have all 6 of us on board!

Ann said...

Hi Steve, I am amazed that you still have this. And I wonder if mail going to Canada is still opened and stamped, as this envelope was. I agree with Judy and everyone else - it is good to have you join in.

Dwight said...

This letter returned from Canada to Ralston must have been sent back after Dad got pneumonia and had to come home after he had gone to Edmonton to work as a carpenter on the air base there. He was hiding behind the door when we kids came home from school. Steve, did you save my "funny" books so you can post them?

Elizabeth said...

There is a letter somewhere that Dad wrote to Mother, telling about his trip on the train north to Canada. Another carpenter from Powell, Les Utter, went with him. They had to take their own carpenter tools (Dad's was in a wooden carrying box).
When Dad left, he and Mother came to school and took me out of class - I assume he did the same with Louise and Dwight. We sat in the old black four-door Ford Sedan while he said his good-byes, and then he said he was going to give me four bits. I (second grade) had no concept of how much that was, and remember that I was disappointed to find out that it was a quarter and not a dollar.
Back to the Canada story - In the letter that someone must have, Dad talked about how all the Canadian women wore lots of make-up. (Mother only used Pond's face cream to clean her face with - she didn't bother with anything else.)
Dad found another letter that I had written to him while he was in Canada. One of the quotes, "Us kids is bad."
Oh, and all mail coming from out of the country was censored - It was war time with our future on the line.

Elizabeth said...
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