Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ann, Judy, and Liz; future quilters and fabric hoarders


Elizabeth said...

Was I ever that skinny? I bought that dress during my freshman year in college - I thought I was so sophisticated! And all of 19 years old! All this does is show how much older I am than my two younger sisters!

Judy said...

Just to show you how resourceful we were, Ann is wearing my blue organdy dress from my 4th grade "May Fete". I am wearing a chambray skirt that orginated with Elizabeth before she became a sophisicated college student. But we didn't care as "new" meant anything that hadn't been on our own side of the closet previously.

Louise had already left home without leaving anything behind.

Ann said...

I felt very grown up in that dress - my next wish was to be blonde so I could look like Judy. And either the sun was so bright we couldn't look straight ahead or both Judy and I had the "coy" look down pat. Check out Elizabeth's glasses. Those are the glasses that got me in trouble. I eventually painted my glasses to match hers. I wanted to be grownup and beautiful like she was. Model paint on glass frames is not the recommended way to go. Mother never said a word - to me. Hmmm - do you see a problem here. I wanted to be blonde like Judy and grownup like Elizabeth. A therapist would have had fun with me. Maybe it would have helped!!!