Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunlight dude ranch

What fun! Reading through the Kray family Round Robin I just received. There is a website for the Riddle Dude Ranch, now called 7D Ranch.  Go here to see the website. Click on "history", and you'll find the history about Dewey and Elsie - also, there's a picture of the main cabin, with Molesworth furniture, and also one of the small cabins. As you will remember, Dad worked on building some of the small cabins.
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Dwight said...

l tried to fix the link so it would go directly but don't quite have it figured out on blogger. will keep working on it. D

Elizabeth said...

hmlkWell, that didn't work as well as I wanted. Try, and then click on the links.

Ann said...

The link worked for me. What a beautiful valley. Was there anything else in the round robin?

Elizabeth said...

The only other thing of value was the news that our 1st cousin once removed, Stanley Allgeier (Rose and Will's son, and Dad's cousin) will be 100 years old in May. That was a reminder that February marked 100 years since Dad (Russell M. Blood) was born. Oh, and that great-uncle Henry Kray suffered from TB that had ravaged his spine, and lived in quite an isolated way for many years of his life.