Monday, March 31, 2008

Dad's description of Mother

Many of you probably have this gem, but perhaps grandchildren do not.

April 15, 1979

Dear Sister Whitman,
In your letter you suggested that I write a few of the qualities that my wife has that makes her so special to me.
I suppose if I were a good writer I could write pages about this subject. The one oustanding quality would be her steadfastness through almost fifty years of marriage, lot of thin hard times also some choice times.
To me she isn't an angel just a good person, who is always there to keep me going, besides that she makes delicious bread.
Every job she does is always done the best she can, and usually that a good job.
We all love her, what more can I say?
Russell Blood

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Judy said...

Do you think that Dad appreciated Mother because she was real and without pretense?