Wednesday, May 7, 2008

August, 1955

In August, 1955, Mother, Judy, Steve, Ann and I (Elizabeth) went to Valley Ranch up Southfork (Southfork of the Shoshoni River) west of Cody. The day was beautiful and so was the scenery. While Mother was interviewing and looking over the one-room school and the teacherage where she would stay during the week, Judy, Ann, and Steve all perched on the fence so I could take their picture. The colors are faded, even with the color correction of the scanner, but the picture is still very good. (Now it is Judy who is looking demure.) I don't remember who took the other picture, but I posed very obligingly on the old Shoshoni River bridge that took us into Penrose (see other pictures that have been posted of this bridge.) The small diversion dam in the background diverted water to a canal for farms east of the river. I thought I was very mature - I had turned 20 the last of May, and was ready to begin my teaching career by teaching second grade at Jefferson School in Riverton, Wyoming. Twenty looks very young from my present perspective.


Judy said...

I think the girl on the bridge is Audrey Hepburn.

Ann said...

Demure does get around! I remember when these pictures were taken. Valley Ranch seemed like it was in another world - and the hard part was Mother was going to teach there and be gone all week and we were going to take care of things in Penrose. I washed the milkers all that year as my way of helping - and probably to keep me out of the house so I wouldn't make life more difficult for Judy, who was in charge?.?