Friday, May 2, 2008

Baby Bonnet

This is the other baby bonnet (see earlier post of the Battenburg lace bonnet) that Grandma Louise made for Russell Blood. Ann remembers that it was made from the wedding dress that is shown in her wedding picture. This is another of those treasures from the Grandma we never knew, except through stories and pictures. The tiny stitches that were used to sew this bonnet by hand show great skill and love. We are thankful for all those relics that were given to Mother and Daddy, saved in the cedar chest, and handed down to various children.


Ann said...

I do hope I am remembering the story correctly. Judy??? Again, this is another fun treasure. Maybe I should check my cedar chest.

Judy said...

I do not remember ever seeing this bonnet before, so I fully accept Ann's story. It is very probable. I can sure picture a sweet baby wearing this.