Monday, May 19, 2008

Dad's Missionary Call

This is a neat little piece of Dad's history. I remember when he was called to serve a Stake Mission - he struggled so hard with how he would do it, could he do it, etc. He tried hard to do his best with a calling that was very difficult for him.


Elizabeth said...

In later years, while he wasn't sure he accomplished anything, he was proud that he had done what he could do in this undertaking. Dad loved people - he just needed to be cajoled now and then. He made sure to see his home teaching families right before Mother had her mastectomy, because he wasn't sure when he would be able to go again.

Judy said...

This would have been difficult for anyone. I remember when Dad did find his place. After Mother was released as the Gospel Doctrine teacher, Dad replaced her. He found that he could do it well! He especially enjoyed studying the Apostle Paul and the ancient church.