Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dad's work on the Heart Mountain Reclamation Project

Dad worked on constructing the forms for the ditches that ran throughout the Heart Mountain Reclamation Project. His immediate boss was a man by the last name of Knowlton, whom Dad referred to as "Old Man Knowlton". This was the year that a regular paycheck came in, and we had a big-time Christmas - the freestanding Philco radio-phonograph, records to play, the Schwinn bike? (or was that an earlier Christmas?), etc. After Sunday School one Sunday, we went out to the project to see where Dad had beenw orking. Spaces looked so vast - now there are irrigated farms. You can't help but notice that the wind is blowing. When the homesteaders first planted crops, the wind blew so hard that sometimes it blew the seed away, and they had to replant.
In the top picture, Louise is wearing the beautiful turquoise and brown plaid suit that she made. Mother is in the "ditch", and from back to front, Dwight, Dad, Judy, and Louise. In the next picture, I'm not sure if Dwight was posing, or I just took the opportunity to take his picture from the back. If you can enlarge the bottom picture, you will see Dad, Mother, and Steve in the ditch. Where is Ann? In the car? Still recovering? Was this one of those days that Mother had made a sheet cake in the old black cake pan, and we picnicked? I do remember stopping somewhere where there was a hill that Steve ran down, and covered himself in cactus stickers that it took Mom all evening to pull out. He was covered with mercurochrome.


Judy said...

Elizabeth has recounted considerable detail of this outing. It was cold and windy. It was also Easter Sunday and Mother had included Easter eggs in the lunch we ate at the site. We were extremely proud of Dad for his work on this project. Dwight, see what happens when someone else has the camera? You get in the picture and they get left out.

Ann said...

I do remember being there because I have a vivid picture of Steve with the cactus pokies. I suspect I spent most of my time in the car.