Saturday, May 17, 2008

Down by the River Side

In the days when we didn't have any better sense, Louise, Judy, and I (Elizabeth) went for a hike down by the Shoshone River. We all wore the woven wool scarves that Mother made sure were in place anytime we left the house in winter time. Looks a little chilly! Don't ask me why the pose was to get nearer to the snow and ice.


Judy said...

Oh Look! I was let into the order of the older sisters! That was indeed a place of honor. I sure don't remember this and even wonder where we were with the other side of the river showing the higher hills. I am just sorry that I didn't take the camera from Elizabeth and tell her to pose. I guess we will just have to imagine how that would have looked.

Ann said...

Obviously I wasn't grown up enough to go on this adventure. Sometimes life was really tough - that is probably when Steve became my buddy! I wasn't too little for him - not that I felt sorry for myself or anything.