Monday, May 5, 2008

Elsie and Dewey Riddle

This Christmas card from the ranch at Sunlight has no indentification as to the year the photo was taken. "Those aren't no dudes," but real cowhands. Dewey even has the famed bowed legged look. What do you think of Elsie's riding skirt?


Dwight said...

Judy, explain about who Elsie and Dewey were and what role they had in Dad's life

Elizabeth said...

I'll let Judy do the family story about Elsie and Dewey, but I do want to remind everyone that in the archives of our blog, there is a modern connection to the ranch as it is today. The post office for the ranch was Painter, Wyoming. I always wondered where that name came from until I researched the 1920 U.S. Census, and discovered that there was a family with that last name who lived in the area. Perhaps they had the post office? Lots of history there.