Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grandma Wasden's Brother John

So, who was John Christenson, some of you may ask. When I posted the picture I was so sure everyone would jump in with stories about him, but since we are all a little puzzled, and grandchildren are, perhaps, really wondering how he fits in, I went to the book "Kindred Saints", which is written about John's son Alvin and his wife, Kathryne - their parents, grandparents, etc. John Christenson is the full brother (as opposed to half brother) of Tilda Christena Christenson Wasden. The book talks about how he registered as a Democrat (obviously an important factor to some in our family). He worked with Grandpa Wasden (James) in Yellowstone, and really seemed to struggle with health problems all his life. He was a store owner, an insurance salesman, and a salesman for Utah Woolen Mills, as well as some other companies, and, according to the book, was a hard worker as he provided for his family. The book talks about how close John's family was to his wife's family, (Sophia Peterson-Stor) and how little they knew about John's mother, Christena, although John and his wife did name one of their children Minnie, after Minnie Taylor, Grandma Wasden's sister. One other thing that is very important to point out is how the gospel played such a major role in John's life. As I remember our Grandmother Tilda and the importance the gospel was in her life, it seems to tell us how precious the gospel was in their home as they grew up. That is nice to know. Our Aunt Sofe had supplied some of the information on John that is included in the "Kindred Saints" book. Let me know if you want to know more and I will read on.


Judy said...

I know so little about John. But he is very stately in this picture.

Dwight said...

I want more.

Ann said...

Would you like the book?