Monday, May 12, 2008

Penrose Relief Society

When the Penrose Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was disbanded, and members went to either Byron or Powell to Church, the Relief Society remained in Penrose. Mother was president. This picture must have been taken around 1946-48, at a time when Great-aunt Minnie Taylor came to visit Grandma and Grandpa Wasden.
From left to right, Grandma (Tilda C. Wasden), Great-aunt Minnie, Bothilda McBlaine, and Mother (Minnie A.W. Blood). With the hollyhocks in the background and the black tar-paper and lathe construction, I am surmising that this picture was taken at Tvedtnesses' home west of us.


Judy said...

I loved the R.S. Meeting days. We got to go places and play with the other kids.

Ann said...

What a classic picture. The memories of Bothilda are floating back. I always wondered where this picture was taken. The R.S. meetings were where I got my hand caught in the magpie trap at Hattie Anderson's and I spent so many hours playing under the quilting frame with Steve during their quilting meetings.

Dwight said...

I stayed as far away from the house as I could get when it was Mother's turn to have the RS meeting. The singing was heartfelt, I am sure. And, I think it was Liz, do you remember when Bothilda waved us in her yard to get a goodie or something when we were going back, but we lost a fish hook and Bothilda fluttered and whined while we looked forever for the stupid fish hook, a three pronged hook, I am sure, and we never did find it.